DayZ Hack

Powerful private hack for DayZ

What you need to know: Dayz Cheat

A cheat for DayZ will give the user a whole lot of information and power they didn’t have in the game before. A cheat is designed to give you special powers or abilities in a game that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, and cheats in DayZ do just that.

Visual hacks can show where players and zombies are, display information like distance, health, items, or other information. These cheats can let you see players behind buildings or terrain, or while they’re hundreds of meters away even in pitch black.

An aimbot is a cheat that will aim at enemy players or zombies with precision. An aimbot can allow you to take perfect headshots and never miss with a bullet, allowing to to take down packs of zombies or groups of players with ease.

If another player has ever killed your entire team in a number of seconds, or seemed to always know excactly where you were, they were probably using a DayZ cheat.